22 Tango Records’ The Listening Room at Murals Hostel and Cafe


Immerse in Cebu music and its warm community as 22 Tango Records brings The Listening Room to Murals Hostel and Cafe on February 21, 2020 with performances from J Russ, Mary Anchit, Vincent Eco, and Wonggoys.

Vincent Eco

The Listening Room is a unique music experience for both the artist and the listener. Carefully curated to connect artists to audiences, the event builds an intimate moment venturing on each other’s experiences as they journey and share stories through music.

As is tradition, 22 Tango Records’ music policy, the #shhhhpolicy, will be in full effect for the evening to create the much-needed sacred space for the participants to fully immerse themselves in the show.

Save the date and catch 22 Tango Records’ The Listening Room on February 21, 2020, 8p.m. at Murals Hostel and Cafe.

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