A bite into a truly Pinoy culinary journey

Palermo Restaurant in Plantation Bay

Taking pride in Filipino cuisine, Plantation Bay has launched Philippine Voyager, a seven-course tasting menu which takes the diner on an exciting culinary journey around the country, courtesy of Executive Chef Lee Ramas and the hotel’s top management.

Combining diverse cultural influences, the tasting menu introduces pleasant surprises in every course. There’s Manny’s Ceviche, a kind of kinilaw – thin-sliced lapu-lapu sashimi in native herbed vinegar, chilis, with a hint of pineapple and lychee.

Manny’s Ceviche
Adobo and Traditional Arroz Caldo

For the entree, there’s the Adobo (chicken and pork, cooked slow for hours to achieve maximum tenderness and flavor), minced and served on deep-fried home-made bread. Up next is a small cup of Traditional Arroz Caldo, made the old way – rice in reduced chicken broth and seasoning. The Fresh Lumpia follows, but instead of a delicate lumpia wrapper, it comes in a cone-shaped taco. And instead of the usual sweet peanut sauce, you get Cebu-style cream sauce.

Fresh Lumpia
Kare-Kare and Pansit Malabon

The fifth savory course is Kare-Kare – beef shank in homemade XO sauce. Plantation Bay’s Resident Shareholder Manny Gonzalez explains why this is part of the Philippine Voyager menu. He wants to promote Kare-Kare as the Philippine National Dish.

“It is one of the most distinctive beef dishes in the world; in all my travels, I’ve never encountered anything even similar; yet it is a treat to almost every palate. Like Adobo, it is widely popular, but it has no pork and hence does not offend a large segment of our population. Beef shank is more reliable and more forgiving to less-skilled cooks than oxtail, so almost anyone can make it, with less effort than the traditional recipe,” he said.

Another dish that’s part of the menu is Pansit Malabon – crunchy, fat, rice noodles with chicharon flakes and a flavorful sauce. Now for something sweet. What could be more tempting than halo-halo? Even better, Plantation Bay’s version of this well-loved dessert is made of extra-creamy homemade langka ice cream.

Halo-Halo Sundae

Cap your meal with coffee or tea or your favorite cold drink. So, whether you’re at Plantation Bay for a day or have booked a weeklong vacation, be sure to head on to Palermo for a taste of the Philippine Voyager seven-course menu. (PR)


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