Alden’s Reality: A virtual concert date with Alden Richards


Whether it’s staging the first ever virtual reality concert in the Philippines, looking after the welfare of his loved ones and friends or making sure his businesses stay afloat amidst the pandemic, trust GMA Network’s prized talent Alden Richards to give his whole heart to every challenge thrown his way.

The actor-performer, his home network, along with the creative and production people involved in his 10th anniversary concert, had to forego the original plan to hold a physical concert and decided to go virtual instead, owing to the threats of Covid-19.

Pivoting towards an exciting, albeit more challenging direction, they conceptualized “Alden’s Reality: The Virtual Reality Concert,” the first of its kind in the country and arguably, a test to see if audiences are ready to embrace this new normal of experiencing entertainment. 

In a Zoom conference with the regional media on November 22, 2020, Alden shared that as a performer, he always wants to offer something new to the audience as his way of showing appreciation for their support throughout his 10 years in show business. The concert is also part of GMA Network’s offerings for its 70th anniversary. 

Always pushing himself to the limits, the 28-year-old 2020 Gawad Urian Best Actor nominee and Diamond Record awardee made sure he honed his singing and dancing skills as a preparation for the concert.

This was not lost on his loyal fans who noticed his marked improvement when it comes to dancing.

“Personally as a performer, ayaw din naman natin na kung ano ‘yung nakita na nila ‘yun din ‘yung makikita nila nang paulit ulit so it was a conscious effort to improve my performances in the art of dancing, as well as singing, para di naman nila masabi na ‘ah, ‘yan na ‘yung dance step ni Alden, para di nakakasawang panoorin,” he told Click Cebu during the media conference.

The difference from a live concert, Alden said, is that each audience member will feel like he or she has a front row seat to the show. VIP ticket holders will be provided with a VR device, “so malapit na malapit nila akong makikita.”

“They can see and really look around the set. Kung ano ‘yung typical virtual reality experience we are giving it to them in the form of a concert,” he added. 

Confessing that he initially had reservations about doing the new format, Alden nevertheless faced the challenge head on. It also helps that his director, Paolo Valenciano, who is equally as driven and dedicated, saw Alden’s determination to try different things and evolve as an artist. 

What Direk Paolo didn’t know, Alden revealed, was that he felt pressured and nervous. But having already seen parts of the concert, it was gratitude and pride that prevailed. 

“Hindi biro to be directed by no less than Direk Paolo Valenciano who has directed a lot of big concerts here with the big names in the industry so ‘yung nabigyan tayo ng time ni Direk Pao for this concert is an honor and I’m really proud of the outcome of what we have done for this show,” he said.

“It was a different experience because it was his first time and it was my first time but we were able to finish everything flawlessly so we’re really excited. We can’t wait for December 8,” Alden said.

Without giving away any spoilers, Alden said what stuck with him was Direk Paolo’s comment when they wrapped up the shoot: “Alden, you are a beast!”

Audiences will get a glimpse of that “beast” on December 8, 2020 as “Alden’s Reality: The Virtual Reality Concert” takes them to an intimate, 360-degree online experience with Alden as he marks this important milestone in his showbiz career.

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“Alden’s Reality: The Virtual Reality Concert” is produced by Synergy: A GMA Collaboration, a group that produces ticketed and non-ticketed events and activities catering to all Filipinos across the globe.


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