Angus Dan’s offers affordable New York-style steak

Angus Dan’s New York-style Steak

Cebu’s foodies now have a new place to enjoy delicious and generous servings of ribs, steaks, and seafood.

Angus Dan’s, located at corner Jasmine and Orchid Streets in Capitol Site, is now formally open, revealing not only a variety of premium dishes but also an urban chic setting for everyone to enjoy.

The soft and juicy Angus Short Ribs Steak served as the star of the opening day for Cebu’s lifestyle journalists and bloggers, who also had first dibs on the restaurant’s pastel-colored Sisig Nachos, Garlic Beef Salpicao, and Grilled Swordfish Belly, among others.

Owner Constantine Tanchan told the print and online media that customers can enjoy a filling serving of steak for as low as P470.

“We will serve good food but at the same time give you the best bang for your buck,” said Tanchan, who also owns the famous Choobi Choobi and Kogi Q restaurants.

Serious steak eaters can also try premium USDA-choice of Angus Ribeye and Porterhouse while scallops, shrimps, and lobsters are available for the seafood lovers.


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