ANTHILL Fabric Gallery weaves pride in Cebu


ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading or Training Hub for Indigenous and Ingenious Livelihood seekers) Fabric Gallery, a pioneer of contemporary weave wearing in the Philippines and vanguard of sustainable fashion, relaunched its brand in the city where it all started with a new website, their Weaving Pride Campaign for June, a portfolio of homegrown Cebu corporate partners, its Zero Waste Innovation program with Argao Cebu Weaving Community, and a capsule collection for its proud weave wearers.

Launched at The Henry Hotel, one of ANTHILL’s corporate partners, ANTHILL Co-founder and
Managing Director Anya Lim shared these developments, coming at a time when the brand is
expanding and innovating its products and services to deepen its cultural footprint and positive social

Expanding its cultural footprint

The new e-commerce website,, made live last April 2019, elevates these
efforts as it features the brand’s products, services, and stories.

“The website has long been overdue. We owe it our community partners and our community of
proud weave wearers to make our weaves constantly accessible. There’s a huge Flipino diaspora community everywhere in the world wanting to connect to their roots by wearing who they are. The website allows us to reach out to more weave wearers and put our Philippine weaves in the global map.”

As testimony of this relationship and the community that they’ve built, Cebu Weave Ambassador and Proud Weave Wearer Jen Martinez, Founder of YogaHub Philippines, shared how ANTHILL’s brandbvalues largely resonate with hers.

“I wear weaves because I’ve always had such high appreciation for
local businesses and the talents of our artisans. There is so much hard work and creativity put behind
these products and we should value and showcase with pride,” Jen said. 

Apart from individual customers, ANTHILL has also grown a pool of partners in change growing
their institutional partnerships by providing Flipino modern day uniforms with weave accents and corporate giveaways. They have engaged companies like Bo’s Coffee, Golden Cowrie and Salinas, Maayo Hotel, Sacred Heart Hijas, Ateneo de Cebu, among others to be inclusive in their supply chain and support social procurement by investing in local economy and positive impact.

Bienna Joy Dato-on, Resident Manager of The Henry Hotel, one of ANTHILL’s very first corporate partner since 2015 talked about the brand’s impact to their own ecosystem.

“Our customers know
what we stand for and support as a brand. With ANTHILL, we are aligned in our shared values, our
pride for the Philippines and our artisans, and we want to showcase these values in what we wear and
use,” said Bienna.

The Henry Hotel’s bed runners feature bright Philippine colors especially
customized for the hotel through a collaborative design process with ANTHILL. Their management team also wears corporate blazers with weave accents truly making them a hotel like no other.

Reviving Argao Weaving

ANTHILL’s solid  partnerships are anchored on their strength in community enterprise
development, their ecosystem business model and their Community Enterprise Development
Program. Their year-long institutional partnership with Argao, for instance, ensures a steady supply of
quality hablon and upcycled fabrics as part of ANTHILL’s Circularity Program.

Since 2018, ANTHILL’s steady impact in the community has revitalized the weavers’ love for
weaving and elevated their business and innovation skills. ANTHILL’s Texile and Apparel Designer Jessica has collaborated with Argao to co-create zero waste textiles out of remnant fabrics and production waste. Argao’s mother artisans have grown from a steady lineup of 4 weavers to 12, and have woven 4,224 meters of fabric, collectively earning the community P503,329.70. P42,000 of which
has gone to their Community Savings. The weavers have since also upcycled 717 kilos of cloth from old fabric remnants and they continue to innovate new patterns and grow their community enterprise.

More than just a fashion brand

More than just being a sustainable fashion brand, ANTHILL also takes pride in being a platform for
heart woven conversations. As June is Independence Month and Pride Month, the brand sparked a dialogue on Pride, asking the central question: What does pride mean to you? How do you cultivate and celebrate pride?

The Pride Campaign features six Cebuanos— host and travel writer Jude Bacalso, podcaster and
father Carlo Villarica, physical therapist and transman Van Go, financial consultant and mother Meryl del-Gallego Martinez, poet and Enabler of Empathy Isan de Jesus, and director-producer Margo

The Pride Collection—a collection of three coverups called Gugma, Bangiitan, and Kamatuoran—was also launched as visual testimonies that weaves are for anyone and everyone.

Together with the collection, a new Men’s Capsule Collection was also introduced to cater to the
male weave wearers who are hankering for ANTHILL to expand their line.

“Cebu has always been the fertile ground that grew ANTHILL to where it is now. It’s high time we reengage our local community, honour the Cebuano voice and make everyone part of the impact we desire to create. There is a lot more to be done but we can definitely do more weaving dreams and weaving pride together as one Community,” Anya Lim shared.

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery was founded in 2010 by Anya and Annie Lim with the intention to preserve
the dying Philipping weaving industry and provide sustainable livelihood for its partner communities through contemporary design.

The new capsule collections—the Weaving Pride line and Men’s Line—are available at ANTHILL Fabric’s Gallery flagship store in Pedro Calomarde St. Corner Acacia St. Gorordo Avenue. You can also go to the Honest Henry Store at the Henry Hotel or shop at


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