Cooped up too long

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by Myril Eloise Enolpe

Due to the health protocols imposed to help lessen the spread of the virus, many people are forced to work and study at home. While this setup is ideal for homebodies, some of us are barely keeping our heads above water to survive another day.

Being stuck at home for a long time can cause boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. These are some of the symptoms of cabin fever. Although not clinically recognized as a mental illness, cabin fever can certainly affect one’s quality of life.

Here are creative ways to cope when cabin fever sets in:

Learn to play an instrument

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              Music is a known company to a lonely heart and sustenance to a weary soul. Whether you’re musically inclined or tone-deaf, taking up a musical instrument can help you set aside your worries. You can also reap its benefits, like improving your memory and boosting your creativity.


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              Not only will painting unleash your creativity, it will also allow you to express yourself through art. Never mind if you don’t even know yet how to properly hold a paintbrush. Art isn’t supposed to please everyone, anyway. Don’t be afraid. Grab that brush and create art.

 Cook your favorite dish

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              Remember that mouth-watering dish you’ve been wanting to eat? Why don’t you take time and learn to cook it yourself? They say food is the way to a person’s heart. Then, it’s time to cook your way to your own heart! Cooking is one way to relieve stress and you can enjoy the delicious fruit of your labor afterward.

Have a journal

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              If you’re into writing, this will be fun and easy for you. Write down your daily learnings and inner thoughts. There will come a time when you can look back and re-read the words you’ve written and find out for yourself how far you’ve gone. You can also make your journal more creative by attaching photos and adding designs like in a scrapbook.


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              If you have your family members with you at home, one of the best ways to cure that cabin fever of yours is to spend time with them. Having to cut off physical contact with friends can be depressing. So, take this time to pay attention to your housemates and cultivate your relationship with them. Take out your board and card games, play hide-and-seek, or whatever. Make the best out of this rare opportunity.

Watch movies

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              A sedentary activity as it may seem, watching movies can put your brain in exercise mode as you comprehend the plot and all other elements that put the film together. It can also improve your concentration and take your mind off of life’s pressures.

 Go for an indoor photoshoot

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              Wishing for some photos to add to your album? Why not take some shots at home? This activity will challenge your resourcefulness as you make do with the available props at home. Indoor photography can awaken the artist and model in you, enhance your photography skills, and help you store photos for you to look back at.


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I’m sure that you hardly have the time to clean your place when you were busy working or studying before the pandemic. Take this opportunity to sort out your stuff. Throw away the trash, recycle what you can, and keep what is useful. Decluttering does not clean up your space but also helps you set your things in order.

              With these remedies, you are not only helping yourself cope with isolation, but you are pushing yourself to make the most of your time, too. You can enjoy, learn, and be productive at the same time.


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