“Fantasy Fool” release under Grit Music


Bethany’s debut album “Fantasy Fool” will be given new life under Grit Music. The re-release under 22 Tango Music Group’s (22TMG) local rock label means Bethany’s debut album will be available for streaming again, introducing it to a new set of ears. “Fantasy Fool” was first released in 2012 with 10 strong tracks to boot, and according to 22TMG’s CEO and co-founder Cattski Espina, “It is a great album. It should be available!”

              Lead vocalist Luis Quibranza III shares, “We are excited for a bright future ahead of us. We thank Grit Music for the opportunity to not only create new music under the label but also promote our previous material to a fresh, new audience. We are excited for new listeners to discover “Fantasy Fool” and make its songs a part of their favorite playlists.”

              Alongside “Fantasy Fool,” Grit Music has also released Bottle Rocket’s single “Come Crashing,” as well as Bethany’s single “Bright” and sophomore album “Beautiful Show.” With these under their belt, Grit Music is dedicated to providing a space where local rock music and its related genres can thrive. For Cattski, a music scene is not a legitimate one if rock music isn’t part of its equation. She adds, “Rock is the music of the rebellious, the truth teller, and the activist. It represents reality and the not-so-nice parts of our society that we all need to talk about.”

              Grit Music is the headquarters for music that makes people raise an eyebrow or fuels them to take action. Their goal is to help rebuild the rock scene by creating opportunities and a platform that artists and musicians can use as a megaphone for their voices to be heard without inhibitions. They had started rolling out their efforts until the pandemic put everything on hold, which has forced them into a corner to start again. Despite that, they remain hopeful, taking on the challenge by its horns and charging head on.

              “Fantasy Fool” will be available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, Deezer, and YouTube Music starting April 22.


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