Five ways to help the community and the environment at Ayala Malls Central Bloc


              So much of our world has changed in the last few years. We are currently facing a global health crisis and experiencing negative effects of climate change. The global problems we are facing today show that there is a need for us to come together as one community, put plans into action and inspire others to pitch in and help.

              In response, Ayala Malls Central Bloc has teamed up with local government units, non-government organizations and local communities to organize various programs that support local businesses and work towards a greener planet.

              Here are five things you can do at Central Bloc to help:

Support Local Farmers

              Farmers have been considered unsung heroes for their dedication and hard work in providing food on our tables, but they are among the hardest hit during this health crisis. Support Cebu City’s farmers and their families by buying newly harvested produce at the Fresh Market every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of May, 10am to 6pm at the Corte Garden near Starbucks Reserve. It is organized in partnership with Barangay Taptap, Phresko, and Cebu City Agriculture Department.

Donate to the Food Bank

              The pandemic has proved that one small cart in Maginhawa can inspire the nation and strengthen bayanihan. Provide aid to individuals and families in need by dropping food items at the Food Bank located at the Ground Floor near the Concierge. Donations and proceeds will go to their partner community pantries in Barangay Apas & Sugbo Community Pantry.

Buy Local

              Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are among those struggling to find income during the pandemic with lockdowns and movement restrictions affecting business operations. Help small businesses by scoring handmade products and gift items at the Maker’s Market located at the Ground Floor near Huawei until May 31.

              Ayala Malls Central Bloc also provides opportunities for small businesses and online entrepreneurs to sell their products, grow their market and gain experience by providing spaces at the Trading Bloc located at the 2nd Floor. To inquire, contact the mall through their official Facebook page.

Think Green

              Plants not only enliven home and office spaces but also reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve air quality. Drop by the Green Space Exhibit until May 31 on the 2nd Floor, near Doughnut and shop for greens or simply view a variety of ornamental plants. The Green Space Exhibit supports small gardening businesses in Cebu. 

Reduce Plastic Waste

              Plastic takes decades to decompose and can harm our environment and wildlife, especially when improperly disposed of. Help reduce waste by dropping off your clean and dry plastics at the Padriga side of Corte Garden near Starbucks Reserve every Sunday of May. Shoppers who donate will get freebies from Ayala Malls Central Bloc.

              Get involved and make a difference with Ayala Malls Central Bloc. For more information, follow Ayala Malls Central Bloc on Facebook at, @AyalaMallsCentralBloc on Instagram, and join the Viber Community for real-time announcements at


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