Got melasma? Here’s a wonder serum for you


You wake up one day and see a dark patch on your face, usually brown or gray in color. It’s neither itchy nor painful but its unsightly appearance can be a cause for concern and may have a negative impact on your self-confidence. This is melasma, a common skin disorder that usually affects women and men with darker skin complexion. The skin discoloration usually appears on the cheeks, forehead, nose, neck and even on the arms. Melasma is caused by several factors including hormonal changes, stress, old age, pregnancy and sun exposure. And because there has been no known cure for it, those who have it have resorted to covering the affected part of the face with makeup.

Thankfully, there are products that can lighten the face and improve its appearance. A breakthrough serum by US-based company, MC Aesthetics has been helping patients with melasma deal with their skin condition. And the results have been amazing.

According to Marlou Colina,  a Filipino-American celebrity aesthetic specialist and the man behind MC Aesthetics, the lightening serum has had several positive testimonies from its satisfied and grateful users, who swear by its effectiveness.

From left: Marlou Colina, CEO/Owner, MCHO Group of Companies (Marlou Colina Aesthetics); Leah Durante, Country Manager (Philippines) and Managing Partner; Priscy Colina, Corporate Secretary, MCHO Group of Companies; Mitchel Colina, President, MCHO Group of Companies.

Marlou says the lightening serum, which comes in two sizes—10ml and 30ml—is primarily made of kojic, an acid that lightens the skin; arbutin, a bleaching agent which is 100 percent natural; collagen, elastin, glutathione, and other natural extracts.

“The serum does not only brighten and lighten the skin, it also helps in collagen production,” Marlou adds.

The serum may seem pricey at P3,000 for the 10ml bottle and P7,500 for the 30ml but it is actually value for your money, he says.

The 10ml bottle can last for 2 to 3 months while the 30ml bottle is good for 6 to 8 months. 

“You only need one drop. That’s how potent it is,” Marlou points out.

He fondly calls the lightening serum “genie in a bottle,” saying it has granted the wishes of his clients to have clear and supple skin, helping them address their various skin problems. He cites the case of one client in the US who has tried various aesthetic procedures to treat her melasma but didn’t get any satisfactory results until she was treated using the lightening serum. 

After successfully introducing the serum to his clients in the US (where he is based) and in Manila, Marlou—who was born and raised in Cebu—recently visited his home-city to launch the wonder product at a bloggers conference.

At the launch were his family members, friends and supporters who have witnessed Marlou’s success story—from the time he was a teenager who willingly did the hairstyle of his classmates during school plays until he became a glam expert in beauty pageants and TV shows and eventually when he left for the States in 2001 to study Nursing, Cosmetology, and Aesthetics and build a name for himself in the field of aesthetics with the Colina Salon and Med Spa in Long Beach, California. 

With the growing demand for his lightening serum as well as his other skincare products, Marlou has decided to offer a direct-selling scheme to interested individuals to help more people achieve glowing skin. 

To order the serum, contact the following:

Swan Beauty International Dr. Lot Wakai- 09175194009

Cynthia Colina – 09177722360

For distributorship inquiries, call 09165240464.

For details and updates, like and follow the official Philippines FB Page Marlou Colina Aesthetics and IG account @marloucolina_aesthetics. 

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