Healthy sweets and treats made simple in a Filipino cookbook

Divine Cookbook
Divine Cookbook
Divine Cookbook

We often get the notion that eating healthy burns holes in our pockets. If not expensive, it’s time-consuming. Also, the image of heaps of greens isn’t really that appealing to many. But that’s about to change with Eleanor River’s latest cookbook, “Divine Sweets and Treats.”

A definitive guide to healthy sweets and snacks, “Divine Sweets and Treats” answers the most common organic snack and dessert questions with over 200 pages of mouth-watering ice creams, puddings, luscious custards, cacao-filed truffles, and delectably healthy cookies and brownies, and more. The cookbook is designed for children’s appetites and health needs. It’s also for the young at heart and is perfect for a playful family bonding in the kitchen.

But what this new cookbook stresses on as well are the cheap alternatives readily available in your kitchen that you may not be aware of. Each recipe is simple and packed with locally accessible ingredients for readers in the Philippines and global tropics.

The Recipe Section

Eleanor Rivera

This part of the cookbook urges you to feed yourself and your loved one. Yes, never deprive yourself of food! Healthy food, that is.

These simple recipes create an invigorating feast for your family and friends. The snacks and sweets are filled with essentials enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, proteins, healthy fats and fiber. The “Divine Sweets and Treats” cookbook only proves that you can still enjoy sweet, salty, and savory flavors the healthy way.

After the Recipe Section Here you will be introduced to children’s nutrition health programs and meet the amazing individuals who sustain and operate Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center.

Cooking Demo

In her book launching at Abaseria Deli and Café, the Organic Bistro owner and founder of Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center, presented a few simple, fool-proof recipes that anybody can easily whip off in minutes. But first, one must be conscious of food presentation.

“Because we eat with our eyes,” said Eleanor in her demonstration. “And remember, the hands are extensions of the heart,” she added.

Gracefully washing her hands with coconut oil and vinegar, Eleanor showed how the things we need are already within our grasp. Dates can be replaced with dried mangoes or raisins. Smother them with almond butter or just peanuts. Top them with acerola cherry, or if not available, manzanitas, sprinkle pumpkin seeds or chia seeds, and viola! There’s your easy healthy snack for your little munchers.

Create your own trail mix. Grab a small container, put in pumpkin seeds, organic raisins, coconut clusters, cacao mix, and almonds. There you have it. A snack you can pull out from your bag when you feel like munching on something. Interestingly, your trail mix is perfect to go with sweet potato. Another delicious healthy treat is langka topped with mint, raisins, and coconut clusters.

Fruits for Drink Twist

Add twist to your drinks with coconut water mixed with passion fruit and mint. Passion fruit can be replaced with cucumber, calamansi, or ginger.

Eleanor offers workshops in organic food preparation, juicing, yoga, meditation, and stress reduction. She designs treatment programs, products and menus. Under her direction, Healing Present offers services and products derived from Holistic Healing, Integrative Medicine, and Nutrition-Based Detoxification.

The programs are designed to strengthen people with chronic health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, stroke, psoriasis, and heart attack.

Eleanor is an advocate of supporting local farmers’ children. Thus, proceeds from the cookbook’s sales go to children’s feeding and nutrition programs in the Philippines. (Photos by Edd Buenaviaje)


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