Leg pain disrupting your sleep?

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Have you ever jumped out of bed, screaming, in the middle of the night? It’s the curse of the cramps. Thousands of us, to say the least, have suffered from it. I used to get these muscle spasms around October to February. A quick sharp pain from ankle to groin, particularly.

But I somehow managed to evade this nightly attack on my lower extremities. Let me share with you how I did it. Mind you, this is by no means a science verified method. It is just my personal experience.

1. Don’t eat supper.
2. Make your last food intake two hours before sunset.
3. Increase your sugar-less liquid intake.
4. Take a baby aspirin.
5. Massage your legs with your preferred quick-fix solution from above the knees down to the toes.
6. Wear socks.
7. Put a pillow under your thighs, right behind your knees.

Also, if you can help it, don’t take an early breakfast.

Numbers 1 and 2 will relieve the body from its digestive tasks so that it can work on other chores like blood circulation and healing bruised muscle tissues.

Number 3 simply means drink water, water, and more water. (If you normally consume eight glasses in a day, increase it to 12. If you take 10, make it 15.) If you find drinking plain water boring, have black coffee and/or sugarless tea. Or add a drop of vinegar in your glass of water. Or place a pinch of salt at the tip of your tongue. These last two hardly have health benefits, but they take away your food craving.

For Number 4, make sure you are not a bleeder or allergic to aspirin. The last time you cut yourself, did blood spurt out or did it just dribble and dry out? If it’s the latter then you are not a bleeder. Aspirin is a blood thinner and it helps in the blood circulation.

On Number 5 (I know this sounds like a shout-out for IPI products, but its products are the ones that are easily accessible to buyers), I mix its Omega or Efficascent Oil with either baby oil or baby lotion. Coconut oil though will more than do.

Number 6 is self-explanatory.

A variation for Number 7 would be to let your feet dangle out of bed. I am not comfortable doing this but I know of an old woman who did it and she was very mobile even in her 80s.

The underlying principles for this list are two things. One, keep this part of your body comfortably warm. Two, let blood circulation flow smoothly in these parts. Certainly, there are more ways of curtailing cramps, but these have worked for me.


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