Niña Niño: New season, new revelations


With its high ratings during the first season, TV 5’s primetime inspirational drama series “Niña Niño” has been given a second season and the cast and production team are thankful for the support from the viewers that extended their run.

              In a media conference held last July 15, via Zoom, the series’ director Thop Nazareno emphasized the importance of being in a good working environment where the actors can pitch in their ideas: “Sa production, it’s very open … pinapakinggan namin.”

              He also pointed out their openness as a team. “Chill and relax ang set. So, nakakapag-usap without impressing each other,” he added.

Noel Comia Jr
Empoy Marquez
Moi Bien
Dudz Teraña
Direk Thop Nazareno

              Direk Thop believed that to effectively deliver the message of “Niña Niño” to its audience, the working environment must not be toxic.

              Noel Comia Jr., who plays the role of Niño, said his co-actors are helping him in a lot of different ways.

              “I’m working with very helpful, very giving actors … very supportive silang lahat,” he stated.

              “It’s a very nice working environment here,” Noel added.

              Empoy, on the other hand, joked that he’s hoping lead actress Maja Salvador, who plays the role of Niña, won’t fall in love with him in real life then seriously remarked, “Magaan katrabaho si Maja, then and now.”

              Although restricted by the health protocols, which hinder them from spending a long time together after taping, Dudz Teraña shared that the cast members still talk to one another on the set and that they still have “maraming kainan.”

Ahron Villena

              Asked about their adjustments to the new normal of taping, Moi Bien replied, “Sobrang hirap compared nong dati pero mas focused.”

              She talked about how strict their guards are in imposing the protocols and how it’s difficult for them to be away from their families for several weeks at a time.

Gio Alvarez
Kat Galang
Yayo Aguila

              The cast said one taping cycle takes three to four weeks. However, there was one time when they had to tape for two months straight to be able to finish their scenes and meet the series’ timetable.

              Asked what viewers can look forward to in season two, Dudz said: “Maraming nakaraan na magbabalik.”

              Yayo Aguila, who is portraying a new character, shared that she will be part of Niña and Niño’s lives eventually.

              She’s said she’s thankful to be reunited with old friends like Empoy and to gain new friends on the set.

              Kat Galang, who is another addition to the cast, said she is so excited for season two. She will be portraying a new character, who will return to the town of Sta. Yñez because of an unfinished business.

              Noel said viewers should look forward to new happenings that will not only test Niña and Niño’s faith but of the other characters, too.

              Being the first show on TV 5’s primetime, Direk Thop said he is making a conscious effort to not think of the ratings. This is to avoid affecting how they will share the series’ message to its viewers.

              They are very focused on the story itself, he added.

              “Na-inspire kami lalo…knowing na extend kami. Ibig sabihin may pinupuntahan ‘yong paghihirap namin,” Direk Thop said.

              “Mas malawak ang reach meaning we can reach out more … to inspire,” he added.

              Witness the story of faith and forgiveness in “Niña Niño,” airing weeknights at 7:15 p.m. on TV 5. (Myril Eloise Enolpe)


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