Queen City Records presents its pilot release “Hinay-Hinay”

Jericho Streegan and Julia Quijano

22 Tango Music Group continues to release new music amidst the global pandemic. One of their newest record labels, Queen City Records (QCR) has shared with Cebu and the rest of the world its pilot release, “Hinay-Hinay” by Jericho Streegan featuring Julia Quijano.

              The single carries the banner for QCR, representing it as a mainstream pop label that is focused on becoming a nurturing space for quality and substantial pop singles specifically, including Bisaya pop music. QCR will also explore the “singers/interpreters” formula where they will match interpreters or singers with songs by songwriters or singer-songwriters that they have no plans of releasing as their own.

              “Hinay-Hinay” exudes a fresh, pop sound that’s catchy, has easy recall, and sends a positive message. Music producer Cattski Espina didn’t want to stray away from Jericho’s natural sensibilities towards the soul and R&B sound, so she upped the tempo a bit to lend an easy groove to the overall sound.

              What wasn’t intentionally written as a duet became one. When Cattski heard it during a listening session of Jericho’s songs, she had a light-bulb moment and decided to add a female voice into the mix. Julia topped the list of suggested singers. She had submitted demos, joined DemoCrazy, and participated in various 22 Tango workshops, so it was an easy decision to get her on board. “I was just waiting for the right moment to work with her. It seems like it was meant to be. Their chemistry is so great and I couldn’t be more pleased,” Cattski shares.

              This pop single under QCR is a stepping stone for Jericho, as he is poised to make a soul/R&B album as a 22 Tango artist. This new artist has so much to offer as 22 Tango continues to nurture his talent, artistry, and songwriting. His maturity as a musician is paving the way for him to create a timeless album under the guidance of 22 Tango.

              Check out “Hinay-Hinay” by Jericho Streegan featuring Julia Quijano on popular streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music. The lyric video is also up on YouTube. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Room Eleven Recording Studio. For updates, follow 22 Tango Music Group and Queen City Records on Instagram and Facebook.


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