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Bodyworx Medical Spa

Beauty shows when a person ages gracefully. There’s a glow that comes with it, a telltale sign of the full life one has lived. The balancing act a person does to achieve his or her different pursuits is not an easy feat. But the restless individual overcomes it all when they take care of themselves amidst a busy lifestyle, like going on a regular visit to a trusted wellness partner. As the concept of beauty differs from one place to another, one thing rings true no matter where we are–healthy skin is always beautiful.

Marking its posh opening from their humble beginnings, Doctors Andy and Sugar Mantilla’s commitment to helping men and women bring out their best selves has been the driving force behind Bodyworx Medical Spa. Redefining the spa and beauty experience, the couple, who are both certified medical practitioners, are equipped with the necessary management acumen and vision to uphold their reputation as the premier provider of up-to-date skincare services and products.

“We believe that Aesthetic Medicine is not merely about glamour, a fashion statement, and money. We believe in making a difference in our patients’ lives through proper patient education. We do take time to talk to our patients. Even our simplest facials take at least two hours. We never rush our patients even though it’s costing us more than what we are paid for,” shared Dr. Sugar Mantilla. “To make the long story short, we take pride in what Bodyworx Medical Spa has achieved. Me and my husband (Doc Andy) will forever be grateful to all our loyal patients,” she continued.

Doctors Sugar and Andy Mantilla of Bodyworx Medical Spa.

From the moment you walk in their high-ceiling, 141-square meter spa, the medical aestheticians couldn’t have been more pleasant in person than they are as a couple. What started as a small two-storey clinic cum apartment inside their subdivision is now replete with four treatment rooms, a nail spa, and a drip area with infusion pumps that regulate and control the flow of the drip. The couple has employed trained aestheticians and therapists who share their passion.

Strategically located at the Solinea Tower in Cebu Business Park, Bodyworx boasts a menu of procedures, specializing in the latest non-invasive treatments. Absolutely pain-free with no downtime, SilkPeel improves the skin’s appearance through formulated serums that ensure healthy and young looking skin. Silkpeel, also known as Dermalinfusion, is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.

Since 2017, Bodyworx has helped patients get past flaws that appear in unflattering lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. Bodyworx non-invasive solutions transform facial treatments into a six-star pampering experience while their skin rejuvenation line lets out the youthful glow men and women look for.

Merging science and cosmetic for Anti-aging, Anti-acne, IV vitamin therapy, Weight loss program, Nail Spa, and Laser and other light devices, the medical spa has revolutionized treatments by focusing on innovations that nurture the body from deep within. With their signature facial, it is in removing superficial dead skin with the machine they are using, as it infuses vitamins and specific cocktails. Seldom does a clinic explain each and every principle of the procedure. Patient education is essential and the BodyWorx experience with Doc Andy and Doc Sugar is thorough as every aspect of the treatment is explained in details to make sure the patient is well-informed as well as prepared.

The Vitamino Facial, one of their regulars’ favorites, uses a specialized combination of anti-oxidants and anti-aging techniques infused through galvanic procedure. Vitamino Facial brings back the glow to one’s tired and dull looking skin. The Modified Spanish Peel facial is a personalized anti-acne program using TCA peel with multivitamin infusion. This facial addresses large pores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from post-acne scars and uneven skin surface. Showing signs of aging? Youth Revive facial is the best signature facial for you as it specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles. And the Oil Control facial is apt in this very humid country as it uses a Beta Hydroxy Acid particularly Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid plays an important role in opening clogged pores and neutralizes harmful bacteria.

What most forget is that fair and smooth complexion is only one of the many benefits that these nutrients provide. BodyWorx Medical Spa works inside and out – making every person feel as radiant and youthful as they look.

The only clinic in Cebu that offers the Opera Phototherapy, Bodyworx Medical Spa also has the famous anti-aging treatment preferred by celebrities, the Mesobiolift which is the first technology that uses endothermal energy in firming the skin and decongestion of tissues.  The spa also offers Laser treatments (whitening, skin resurfacing, body contouring, 4D facelift, acne, stretchmark), IPL, Chemical peels, Multivitamin drip, Slimming, Hydra dermabrasion with dermal infusion, and Permanent laser hair reduction.

According to studies, there’s no such thing as too many facials. Here, it’s recommended that it be at least once a month.

“From our signature facials to the premier specialized facials that involve peels, so far we haven’t received any complaints. Even with our acne facials because normally when we do pricking so the initial result is there would be swelling. But even with our acne facials, even if the patient would undergo a three-hour pricking session, the patient would come out without the swelling. We always make sure that the process is thorough and that’s because of the wonders done by phototherapy,” said  Dr. Andy Mantilla.

In taking the spa service to the next level–one that suits the specific needs of its clients–Bodyworx goes beyond the conventional skin clinic, truly satisfying and exceeding expectations.

Here’s to a delightful urban retreat from the stressors of modern living. Some call it mindful existence. To some, it’s wellness. With a vast knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics, Bodyworx Medical Spa proves itself an expert in the beauty industry. Relax and replenish the body and soul, only at Bodyworx Medical Spa.

*Bodyworx Medical Spa is located at Unit 1 of Solinea Tower in Cebu Business Park. For inquiries, please call 032 4792081 or 09663778935.


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