Smell good and feel good


They say it’s not just about the bag that you are using – you are the bag. The same goes for your signature scent.

In the search for your signature scent choose one that will, over time, everyone will associate with you. Like an ex or a flame recognizing your unique scent (this writer prefers Issey Miyake Pour Homme), your scent needs to not only stand out and turn heads. It needs to be well-thought-out with a lasting impression. Scent needs to start conversations.

So, ladies, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume. It just goes both ways.

A. So Why Do You Want to Smell Good? It is important to define your purpose. What is your personality like? What’s your end goal with a signature scent? It’s all about associating that scent with you so you need something that fits what you put out there. It is ideal to have something that doesn’t overwhelm but makes people want to be near you.

B. Mental Note According to Baby King of JFK Essentials, a manufacturer of top-of-the-line beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products, there’s too much to know about how a scent’s structure to cover everything from woody, green, herbal, floral, citrus, and fruity. If you know the difference, then you have the framework from which to pick your own.

“From our roster of scents to pick, it is ideal to have products that suit and enhance the natural aesthetic. It must make you feel good,” King said.

She then suggested, “Enchanté Eau De Parfum for women is a mix of a fruity and sweet blend of fragrances. Its magical tones will transport you to fairyland as Sophistiqué creates an aura that is both disarming and romantic, seductively elegant and passionate, it evokes a tenor of power for the luxurious and distinctively tasteful woman.”

C. What are Good-Smelling Friends For The best way to pick a signature scent is to ask the people around you what they’re wearing. What you’ll learn from them will guide you through on reasons why they prefer the particular scent or brand. The classics on men will always be classy. JFK Essential’s Aqua Mist Eau De Parfum is for the adventurous, romantic, passionate yet cool. Tux fragrance has an elegant manly presence which is magnetic and charming, it is for a man in control.

D. Sample. Sample. Sample. Read reviews as well as you can even email a brand for samples. Some will send for free, others may charge a small fee. The fragrance community’s expert-level feedback should always be considered and one should not depend on paid reviews from bogus online personalities. The only way to ensure this is to try. Because if you’re going to decide on something and pay for it—then make sure that you what you have is the real deal.

E. More on JFK Essentials All-natural and against animal testing, JFK Essentials imbibes the importance of natural beauty products. Organic and earth-friendly with the assurance of no irritation on sensitive skin, JFK Essentials products are proudly Philippine-made and at par with the highly competitive market of the beauty industry. The company aims to create high-quality products with unique packaging at a reasonable and affordable price.

For interested parties in Cebu, JFK Essential is exclusively distributed by Josie S. Pereyra of JSP Ads and Promo.


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