Table for one: Why it’s okay to be happily single

Photo by Evelyn Semenyuk on Unsplash

by Susan Mae Loseo

Being single doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s actually pretty ordinary when you embrace it completely. Even more so when you start doing things happily.

Though it’s not always easy, you can learn to enjoy a table for one daily. Here’s why it’s perfectly okay to be single while the world rolls in pairs:

The uncluttered mind

               Most often, romantic relationships can be emotionally taxing and mentally expensive. People in relationships spend so much time thinking or worrying about their partners that there is little space left for individual thought. But when you’re single, your focus goes directly to yourself, leaving much room for new thoughts and creative ideas and no room at all for undesired clutter.

You can invest in yourself

               Being single is the best time to make huge investments in yourself. So when you finally meet someone, you don’t need them to complete you because their strengths won’t be your lack. You can shift your attention to career goals, stay fit for a better lifestyle, become financially independent, meditate or reflect on your actions, build self-confidence, connect with your emotions, and find your inner peace. Whatever it is, investing in yourself can be the best return on investments you will ever have.

Flexibility in everything

               You have plenty of “me” time so you can do whatever you want without needing any permission. You have the freedom to make decisions without compromising anything. You can travel to places in your bucket list, buy clothes you’ve been wanting to wear or watch shows everyone has been raving about. You don’t have to “make time” or “insert” activities on your schedule because you manage it yourself. This is the best time to literally put yourself first—a privilege not everybody can have.

Ability to build and enhance social relationships

               Sometimes when you’re in a relationship with someone, you can get lost in the world you both built and lose interest in learning more about other people, especially those around you. So when you’re single, you have the ability to build and enhance your social relationships. You get to connect with more people and expand your network. You can catch up with your circle of friends, old and new, and share experiences. As you interact with others, you discover wider perspectives, personalities, and backgrounds and learn to tolerate differences.

Freedom to chase new passions

You probably have childhood dreams you weren’t able to pursue or passions you just didn’t have time for. Being single gives you the opportunity to discover new hobbies or explore new interests. Just because you weren’t born with some talent, doesn’t mean you can’t develop your skill. Whether it’s dancing, singing, painting, or designing, there are resources all around that can help you. Just put your mind into it.

Learning to enjoy your own company

               Solitude is not always lonely, it can also be healthy for you. When you learn to savor the state of being alone, you start to enjoy your own company. Let solitude invigorate you, not scare you. Being in a relationship is better only when you’re in the right one. So while you’re still single, use this time to get in touch with yourself. Discover what moves or vexes you, notice what relaxes or overwhelms you, and observe what solitude and happiness means to you. Booking a table for one is cost-efficient simply because it’s priceless.

You improve your standards on a partner

               When you know yourself enough to understand what you want and need, you’ll know what qualities to look for in a potential partner. This saves time and energy you otherwise would have spent on unhealthy relationships. By setting higher standards, you define what you deserve because you’ve always had the right to demand what’s best for you. Never settle for less just because the world celebrates being in love more. Settle for the kind of love that celebrates you more than the world. Love is everywhere but unconditional love is rare.


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