The Subtle Strokes of Tony Alcoseba


At 70, Tony Alcoseba is still torn between his love for watercolor and his incurable love for modern abstractionism. It seems that at every stage of his life, he finds such prodigious mission, one that will try to gratify his desire for happiness. While he’s ecstatic with his other love, and despite the fact that he receives great enthusiasm and excitement, his new undertaking since the start of this year is his old love, obviously the watercolor, which never fails to shine each time.

The colors of his work of art always cast back some kind of light to your eyes, which make possible the colors to shine onto the white substrate, the white of the paper glowing through the translucent colors that which gives its brilliance.

His strokes, the work of the boldest mastery are prevalent only when looking at his paintings owlishly but try looking at a far distance where water seems to fizz, and when slowly a gridiron of colors seems to float, that’s an indication of instantaneous physical reflection, evoking depth by layering in the name of subtlety. Unlike acrylic paint, watercolor can be reactivated when wet.

A virtuoso far more than a conventional watercolorist, Tony’s perfect choices of subject and the way he creates the hues always affects the viewer no doubt. Each element of his masterpiece is delicately to be found, how the blue sky reflects the water’s edge creating the purest shade of blue, the color of water, in its purest form.

The other colors scattered on his oeuvres remain fluidly connected accumulating with boundless coming together, only such fastidious strokes can achieve with such dynamic precision. Whether he dreams of his colors like a phantasm or it’s a product of the specter of his aquarelle his brushstrokes bear colorful dispatch of light and bearable happiness.

One doesn’t have to be simplistic or one doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to understand his paintings. His ‘closest to nature’ assertion whenever he wants to paint, characteristic of his impressionistic pursuits is a firm resolve of travelling far despite his age is a must. A generous patron brought upon him the colors of Jardin de Muntuerto, a sprawling private garden in Carcar. What else but the vibrant colors of his flowing but subtle strokes of an attribute as pulsating as the bougainvillea lay open to enlighten the seer.

When he achieves his goal in painting regardless of the medium, one must imagine Tony Alcoseba happy.

Tony Alcoseba has won the Arts Association of the Philippines Award twice, one of the top 5 Filipino watercolorist in “Kulay Sa Tubig” Art Exhibition of Genesis Gallery’s Annual Invitational Watercolor Competition Exhibition, he also received top prize at the Costa Mesa Art Painting Contest in California, among other awards.

*Tony Alcoseba will exhibit his paintings in Atty. Jun Muntuerto’s booth at the Bougainvillea Extravaganza in Ayala Center Cebu on March 6 to 15, 2020.


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