‘Yorme’ Isko in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on July 14


This Sunday (July 14) in “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS), Jessica Soho joins newly-elected Manila Mayor Isko Moreno as he scours the streets of Manila to check on the aftermath of his aggressive policies.

“Tolongges” and “takwarents”—these are just some of the words attributed to Mayor Isko lately. He may have his own set of ‘creative’ words but this public servant is serious in his mission to create a better and cleaner Manila. Watch as the former “That’s Entertainment” member takes on a dance challenge with Jessica and the street vendors.

If you are trying to mend a broken heart or are just looking for someone special, this Facebook group could give you a perfect start. Get to know some of the members of “Samahan ng Hiwalay sa Asawa Facebook Group,” which serves as a support system for the broken hearted.

Brace yourselves for some cringe-worthy discussions of cockroach and needles. According to a study, cockroaches could soon become immune to insecticides! Meanwhile, relatives of a 17-year old girl who suffered from intense stomach pains believe that she’s a victim of witchcraft. KMJS investigates this incident.

At the same time, follow the story of a helper from Negros Occidental who sought help from KMJS in exchanging his charred Japanese Yen, which allegedly amounts to almost P5 million?! Find out how a former scam victim got back on his feet after losing a lot of money and properties and now has a four-storey house, 30 cars, and lots of money! How did he do it?

All these stories, plus a food trip featuring chicken feet or adidas in this Sunday’s episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” after “StarStruck” on GMA-7.


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